Elliott Henshaw


If you would like to have one to one tuition from me either online using Zoom, or in person at my home studio please contact me here.

I use my 25 years of performing and teaching experience to help you achieve your goals whether you are a beginner wanting to learn the basics or a professional wanting to explore a new genre or technique.

My home studio offers 2 drum kits, a recording set up and a range of multimedia options that can all be run through a high quality sound system. Coupled with that I have access to hundreds of books, files and play along packages that can be used for teaching.


Elliott’s lessons in my opinion are exactly what I need. He pushes you to achieve the best that you can. In the last two years my drumming skills and techniques has improved so much and that’s very much down to the excellent teaching methods and coaching from Elliott.

Conor Yorke-Wade

I am just an at home, play for my own amusement, drummer but a series of lessons with Elliott has really helped me regain my enthusiasm for the instrument, develop some much needed skills and gain a better understanding of the music theory behind it all. You can’t beat one to one tuition. The sessions are both enjoyable and very informative. Elliott is extremely knowledgeable but also practical and patient; he always manages to present alternative ways to get the message across and assist with overcoming problems I have with grasping the concepts or the best way to do things. Highly recommended.

Lloyd Jones

It is self-evident from Elliott’s resume that he has a wealth of experience and knowledge over a vast array of styles, performance contexts and the industry. What makes this all the better is that he’s willing to share this knowledge. However, what isn’t initially obvious is his ability to apply that wealth of knowledge in a one-on-one lesson context and impart what is necessary in order for the student to understand and achieve whatever they wish to. I first went to Elliott for lessons in 2013 for help regarding university audition pieces. Thanks to these lessons early on I was accepted into university. What also isn’t self-evident is Elliott’s generosity and natural inclination to help students regardless of situation. Throughout my time overseas at university Elliott was always happy to answer any question that I threw at him. Fortunately, it has been easy to find and regard Elliott as a mentor as well as a friend. It is impossible not to learn new things from him whenever you are in his company. Every student of music needs to find a mentor that is knowledgeable, reliable, understanding and inspiring. With Elliott you get all of these.

Glenn Charles